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N.L. Trading Co. is one of the biggest supplier of Industrial Gloves, Garments, Shoes, Masks, Helmets, Fall Protection Equipments, Disposable, Breathing Appartus and includes entire range of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) as well as welding products under one roof. The company is totally committed to quality, where quality is treated as JOB ONE! Each and every piece of our product is throughly checked by our trained staff before supplying it to our valuable customers. Our products come with a FULL REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, if found defective.

N.L. Trading Co. also provides Safety Clothing, Safety Workwear, and Personal Protective Clothing for
everyday job work for workers in the chemical, petrochemical, health care (Hospitals), automotive, glass,
cement, steel and other industries in which hazardous materials are handled.

For us customer service is the top priority. We are committed to provide customers with timely deliveries
on a wide range of welding and safety products and accessories that is hard to match in this new age of
speed, this become and importent yardstick for comparison, as speedy deliveries on a wide range of
products becomes a more critical factor to stay ahead of competition.