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About Us

Our objective is to develop a wide variety of technologically advanced safety clothing and gloves that saves lives and protects workers both in private and public sector in work areas like fire, unsafe chemicals, petrochemicals, hospitals, cement, power, steel etc. Throughout the world, among companies designing and manufacturing protective garments for industry, municipalities, and the developing healthcare field, N.L. Trading Co. products have established and maintained their status for overall quality.

This latest enhancement of N.L. Trading Co.‘s global reputation for total product quality and excellent product performance. Quality is the most important factor considered by designers in the product development process and then tested by technical staff. N.L. Trading Co. quality is the primary reason why workers wearing our garments, gloves put them on with confidence and wear them with peace of mind.

The collection includes limited-use and disposable clothing, chemical protective clothing, flame resistant clothing, woven and anti-static clothing, aluminized industrial heat protective clothing and hand and arm protective products. You can place your order over the phone, mail or website which is updated regularly.

N.L. Trading Co.‘s safety clothing products are proven on-the-job every day, and are in particular used by workers in the chemical, petrochemical, healthcare, automotive, glass, cement and other industries in which hazardous materials is handled. These reliable and diversified product lines, yet stand prominently on the common foundation of quality for which the Company is well-known and respected, and to which it continues to pledge its efforts.

Our Philosophy- QQD,

Quality : Our all pieces are checked by trained staff.

Quantity : We accept orders as per our production & distribution.

Delivery : Timely delivery as per customer shedule.